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About Us

Our Vision

  • To become a recognized and included member of the Commonwealth Games Federation.

  • To provide Karate as a positive influence in the lives of young people and for the communities in the Commonwealth.

Our Purpose

  • To provide the stage for the Commonwealth Family to unite under the sport and art of Karate.

  • To provide the platform where Commonwealth countries can qualify a team into the Commonweal Games.

  • To provide education and support for world-class coaching and governance through the Virtual Karate Outreach Program.

Our Values

  • Karate is based on respect. Respect for oneself, respect for others. This basic tenet accompanies the values of inclusion, diversity, humility, positive culture, and togetherness.

  • The above tenets are accompanied by the concept of ‘doing it for the right reasons’.

Value Proposition

  • Recognition as the Sport Governing Body for Karate in Commonwealth Sport.

  • Modern and accepted governance and safeguarding model.

  • Inclusion into Victoria 2026 as an optional sport, or, as a demonstration sport.

  • Activity goal of 50 countries

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